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Services / accommodation

We consider it extremely important that our students are able to concentrate on their studies as much as possible during their training. To ensure the uninterrupted rest and time for preparation they deserve, we offer accommodation for more than reasonable prices at the premises of our cutting-edge simulators. You can choose between our four-room apartments or studios (which are able to host up to 2 people), so you can easily find the most suitable one for you.

Our brand new studios (Building ‘A’ 2nd floor) are equipped with a private bathroom, breakfast corner, spacious living room with a sofabed, and a comfortable sleeping area with a bed upstairs. The guests living in our 5 studios share the same kitchen.

Furthermore we provide WiFi access, bed linens and towels to every guest. Our kitchens are perfectly equipped with everything you need for the duration of your stay as well.

In the 3 room apartment (Building „A” 2nd floor) we can host 3 peple at the same time. Here you share a little kitchen and the bathroom with other quest. This apartmen is next to the big kitchen where you can find washing machines and a coocker too. But you have a nice private room with own desk.

In the four-room apartment (Building ‘C’ 1st floor, Building ‘B’ 5th floor) we can host 4 people at the same time. Here you share the kitchen and the bathroom with other guests, but you can enjoy the tranquility of your own, private room.


In the Building 'A' there are 2 staircases. In the I.staircase, at the 2nd floor you can find the OFFICE. In the II.staircase, at the 2nd floor you can find the SIMULATOR CENTER and the STUDIOS. And in the Building 'B' and Building 'C' there you can find the shared flats.

Parking is available at the premises. The industry park charges cca. 10 euros daily, but if it is paid via the SPA ATO then it is limited to 3 euros per day. Let us know if you are in need of a parking spot and send the REG NUMBER of your car well before your arrival to our Training Coordinator.

Several supermarkets (Lidl, Spar) and different restaurants are available in the neighborhood. The locals’ favourite canteen is right below the simulation center. We advise you to get food delivery applications in case you would like to order from the wide variety of options available in the city.

The nearby shopping centres (KÖKI Terminal or Shopmark) also offer an expansive range of shopping and dining opportunities. Both can be reached by a 15 minute walk, and there are also 2 laundromats near the accommodation facilities.

Our students fly for