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Our mission is to provide world class trainings, enabling our students to prepare for their type rating courses and apply to airlines with confidence, possessing a strong knowledge and the proper skillset.

To complete this mission we needed a cutting-edge simulator which is able to faithfully recreate the real A320 feel and cockpit atmosphere. Our APS ready FNPT II MCC/FAA level 4-5 device based on the A320 has precisely tuned sidesticks and rudder pedals with finely calibrated force feedback to ensure realistic primary flight control operation. The seat-shaker integrated in the seats lets you feel the aircraft while you take the professionally developed flight model to its limits during flight, take-off, landing and taxiing.

A wide range of failures can be simulated from 13 main groups with a touch of a button from anywhere in the cockpit. These failures are not just for show though, they truly degrade the affected component and they can even be combined.

Click on the picture to see the simulator in 360°:

360 image link

From getting into the electronically adjustable seats to setting the parking brake after landing, you feel at what you will call home during your career, an A320 cockpit.

Due to the high demand of our courses, we recently acquired our third Simnest FNPT II simulator which is in service from July of 2023!